Education for a Better Future

South Sudan has an adult literacy level of less than 25%. At primary school level, 84% of the teachers have primary school as their highest level of education while 16% have some exposure to secondary education or a higher degree. HDC recognizes the gap in education quality and access as a major challenge both as a humanitarian challenge and a development challenge. To develop equitable and quality education opportunities amongst refugees, returnees, and vulnerable host communities, HDC supports government efforts in the rural areas with a view to increasing the net enrolment rate to 65% by 2015. HDC is involved in the development of school facilities and infrastructure.

To empower and mitigate school drop out of the girl child, we are also involved in advocacy to sensitize equitability in government regulations for and in schools. HDC supports teacher training through the provision of learning materials to disadvantaged schools. Further intervention will involve the development of teacher training institutions as well as advocacy in curriculum development to enhance sustainability systems in schools particularly in view of the fragile peace situation.

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